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8th April 2003

1:44am: I'm Back!
Long LJ hiatus. I almost forgot that I had a journal. Tomorrow, i'm posting in nonuglies. I heard of it through the grapevine and it seems fun. I doubt that I am top 2% though, so I don't know if I should even bother posting. Some of the accepted members are GORGEOUS! It would be nice to get feedback though. I want to know how others perceive my face. I'll think about it.

29th January 2003

12:04pm: A Tip for Valentine's Day or Any Other Day
i tried this last week and it worked wonders:

If after sex you want to go a second round, tell your guy an erotic story. It will make his "recovery period" much more fun and hopefully shorter.

21st October 2002

9:25am: I'm Watching You
I might be a bit of a voyeur. HBO had a series called Real Sex and I saw a few parts of it. I was entranced. The bit with the underwater sex was particularly fascinating. The woman's hair flowing freely and majestically underwater was almost enought to tempt me to try underwater sex. she looked like a mermaid. The couple switched positions with such ease and grace, it was almost beautiful. But how do these people have the time to get so creative with sex?

17th October 2002

19:45pm: The Week AFter
It's been a week and he's still raving about how good I looked in a skirt. It's nice to know that even after all this time I can still surprise him. It was especially ego-inflating to catch him sneaking glances at me with a look of wonderment on his face. I'm not 100% confident about my looks (but then again, what girl is?), I think I'm more of a personality girl but it's still nice to be thought of as "hot" once in a while.

9th October 2002

13:05pm: Short-term Relationships are OK
I don't think having had only several short-term relationships is necessarily bad. Actually, I think it's better than having several long-term relationships. Can you imagine the amount of emotional baggage one would have after ending a long relationship? Now multiply that by the number of long relationships you've ended. I like it better that I never had any real relationships before this one. I feel that I have more to give now than if I had given and lost parts of myself to other relationships/people. I don't want too many memories of other men. I want my memories to be just of him and I want his memories to be just of me.

8th October 2002

22:23pm: Girly Day
Today is girly day for me; I'm wearing a cute skirt and i fixed my hair. Normally I wear jeans but I felt like being prettied up so here I am in class, in a skirt. I feel so self-conscious though...

Bentley rarely sees me in a skirt. boy, will he be surprised! I'm meeting him for lunch later today and then the rest of the day is our day. We've both been so busy with school these past few days so we decided to set apart a day just for each other. Love is so great =)

29th September 2002

22:47pm: First Entry
I finally decided to start an online journal. I want to be able to share my secrets without regrets. Being born of a conservative and religious family, one cannot bring up topics such as sex, alcohol, and drugs except to denounce them. I have sex, I drink alcohol, but I don't do drugs.
Last night I slept over at Bentley's apartment. He prefers sleeping in his pad since he has a much bigger bed than I (I have a mere twin bed and I always unconsciously try to push him off.) At around 8 am, I heard him telling me to wake up because he had a surprise for me. I forced my eyes open and there he was looking and smiling at me. I asked him what the surprise was and he confusedly asked what I was talking about...It had been a dream. I had never been so disappointed at 8:15 in the morning.
Current Mood: giddy
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